Leadership Ulster Half-Day Retreat

Calling all Leadership Ulster Alumni and Presenters!

Remember gaining insights about your leadership style and direction from Leadership Ulster presenters and classmates?

Give yourself a few hours of new insight and reflection!

Join other Leadership Ulster Alumni for a half-day retreat –meet alumni from other classes, unwind and have some fun, and delve into your new Everything DiSC Profile (see reverse for full description).

Nancy Plumer of New Visions will challenge you to connect with new people and discover how your style bonds best with others.

When: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Select morning (8:30-12:00) or afternoon (1:00-4:30)
Where: UnitedHealthcare, 505 Boices Lane, Kingston
Fee, including Everything DiSC: $99.00

Reservation link 

For more info, contact Ingrid Kulick at 845-338-5100, ext. 106, [email protected]

We will use the Everything DiSC for this Alumni gathering. Here are some of the updated benefits of Everything DiSC.

Participants find the Everything DiSC reports more personal and relevant. Everything DiSC profiles are based on around 80 items (adapted to respondent’s previous answers) instead of the 28 used by DiSC Classic. The circle model measures eight scales compared to the four of the graph model. This makes for a more precise assessment.

The circle model is more intuitive and memorable. The shading of the circle better illustrates how we are all D, i, S, and C. It clearly illustrates how we’re capable of adapting our behavior and using styles outside of style label.

The richer report narrative and engaging visuals better hold the interest of participants. Group discussions flow more naturally.

The assessment is easier to take, especially for non-native speakers of English. The questions don’t force you to choose from four words the two that describe you most and least, as does DiSC Classic. It uses a rating scale that’s much easier for most people to complete.

The profiles provide participants with a common language for discussing their differences and discovering the value of those differences.

Extended learning through MyEverythingDiSC.com keeps DiSC in the mind of learners. Participants can learn more about their own styles, get tips on working with other styles, view style comparisons, and much more. They can do this on their own time from their own desktop or mobile device.

Comparison Reports are available only with Everything DiSC profiles. These reports are especially valuable for improving reporting relationships, building teams and reducing conflict.

Join us!

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